YES ILAE Webinars 2020 – Dr Scott Perry – Transition of genetic epilepsies to adulthood

Wednesday 10th June 2020, UTC (GMT) 20:00
Dr. M. Scott Perry, MD. Paediatric Neurologist – Epileptologist, Chief of the Epilepsy Comprehensive Unit at Cooks, Texas, USA.
Presenting: Transition of genetic epilepsies to adulthood
Chair: Dr Pablo Pablo Casillas-Espinosa MD, PhD. NHMRC Peter Doherty Fellow. Department of Neuroscience, Monash University. Department of Neurology. The Alfred Hospital, Melbourne Australia. (Twitter: @PabloCasillasE1)
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Learning Objectives:
2.2.1 Provide guidance on social issues including school integration, work, legal, and related aspects
2.3.1 Communicate to patients and families as appropriate (L1)
2.3.2 Educate patients and family about the disease specifics (L2) (e.g. prognosis, self-limiting, risk factors, etc.)
3.4.1 Demonstrate knowledge about the risks and opportunities associated with drug discontinuation and methodologies for individualized implementation (L2)
3.3.5 Define treatment strategies considering genetic markers (L3)

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