Why we recommend offering on-demand webinars in addition to 1-1 calls

To learn more, visit: https://ewebinar.com

[Transcript] We are exploding with the eWebinar stuff! We are starting to roll this out into all sorts of different avenues we’ve seen. I mean, I’m continuing to do the evergreen stuff that I was always doing with those webinars, but we’re also finding that people are loving the opportunity to go to a quick webinar like this, rather than have to do a one-on-one demo with somebody.

I feel like at BombBomb, we’re always trying to find human connection element of where and when is it right to do things like this and automate and make things scalable? When is it right to be more personal? And I think kind of what we’re finding is it’s good to give people the chance and the option to choose.

What’s most human to them and what they want. We can’t define that for everybody. So I’m excited and we’re continuing to play with more ideas of different webinars and stuff.

I’m really excited about all the things you guys are doing and how we can keep adapting those and keep growing with that.

So it, this change (from 100% live webinars to live + automated webinars) has been an awesome change for us. We love you. We love your company. We love everything.