Werkman Webinars 2021: Influence of trimming & shoeing on the swing phase

The second Werkman webinar focuses on the influence of trimming and shoeing on the different aspects of the swing phase. Regarding to this topic there is little scientific evidence available. Still, for preparation of this webinar valid research was used as a basis to explain practical cases. Moreover, the results of an own study with regard to the influence of the application of side weights and side wedges on the motion of the limb during swing phase and the swing phase duration will be shown. In addition, the same study revealed new insights on the effect of trimming and the use of steel or aluminum shoes on the stated parameter. All examined manipulations and modifications on the equine hoof are of practical relevance, so that this webinar explains scientifically valid the influence of different horseshoeing measures on the swing phase. These results have a high importance in the athletic and therapeutic context. In different disciplines, different gait properties, such as height of the flight arc, stride length, stride frequency and stride duration, are used to evaluate the motion quality of horses. These parameters are mainly associated with the effect of shoeing on the motion of the hoof in swing phase. However, also in the orthopedic context the decrease of weight using aluminum shoes is often used but controversially discussed. With regard to this, the results of the current study show that the application of aluminum shoes cause a decrease of the height of the flight arc correlated with lower force peaks during initial hoof-ground contact. In the end of this lecture, a comprehensive overview regarding the status quo of research to this topic and its transfer to practical work will be given.