Weekly Wednesday Wisdom Webinars October 6, 2021

Weekly Wednesday Wisdom Webinars October 6, 2021

Estate Attorney and Advisor Chris Berry of Castle Wealth Group answers questions on retirement and estate planning every Wednesday at 1pm www.wisdomwebinar.com to register or give our office a call at 844-885-4200.

Castle Wealth Group and Christopher Berry help families with estate planning, elder law, retirement planning, and tax planning from their offices in Brighton, Ann Arbor, Livonia, Bloomfield Hills, and Novi.

In this week’s webinar, Attorney and Advisor Chris Berry of www.castlewealthlegal.com answers the below questions.

0:00 Introduction / Positive Focus

1:30 Tax Risk

6:29 We set up a Veterans Asset Protection Trust 5 years ago, now my mother may need nursing home care, what do we need to do?

9:45 What are the qualifications for the veteran who already is in long-term care?

12:07 Are there specific nursing homes for Medicaid?

14:09 What else should be added to the home owner’s insurance policy?

14:43 Is a family LLC manager required to charge a fee to the LLC owners?

15:26 Please expand how someone can get to the zero percent tax bracket if you can expand on your comments having your social security income tax too?

23:22 Can annuities be put into revocable, irrevocable, and or castle trust?

25:31 If the LLC manager is a member of the LLC, could he/she charge a fee for the service?

28:13 Is a Castle Trust what other companies might call a hybrid trust?

30:40 Can two individuals living together create a trust to address joint property and individual life insurance policies?

32:04 Since a Castle Trust is a grand tour trust will it be negatively affected when the pending house bill passes?

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