Weekly Website creation Webinars

Today people turn to the web at all times of the day, and night. Weekly Webinars were something that many people in the communities make a point of attending.
Way back in 2017 Susan Lewis decided to produce weekly Website Creation Videos.

Things were a trifle trickly.

the technology was one of those things. The equipment used was an old nearly run down the camera, to begin with. Purchased with emotional ties Susan used that camera until it literally had had it.

Then came the first and second tablet. And the third. Now the forth

The difference is major. To look at the camera as thous you, the videoed person is talking to another human.

Well, that was a challenge. Even today as there was a ‘mind block’ to jump over. What happened was by mistake. A simple inkblot on the middle figure. Instead of looking into the eye of the camera that inkblot was there making the smile had to stay away from the eyes and mouth. From memory, Susan laughed throughout the carefully researched phrased template she had worked out.,

Continue to believe in yourself.
Let that moment in time be something to move forward from. Right across the sky. The Sky Is not your limit. The other side of the universe

So out the door went practiced speeches on V Blogging.

The end result of attending [ or/and then playing the video plaubacks] has been the frustration of gaining the confidence to go one step further each time the video equipment is managed to be turned on.

Amazingly today I lost three videos somewhere on the computer.
Tablet number four still has facets to investigate and bring under control. Like where are the videos I just downloaded?

All that I typed in was mp4. And all those previous lost videos. Oh to get through them.

I would love to engage with you on Susan Lewis Is Online. Comments here are enjoyable for all to read. Love to hear your comments.