Wednesday Webinars with John!

Where do you go to find new teaching ideas and get the latest updates on your favorite EdTech products?

Make me your “edtech person” and join me every Wednesday for practical tips, tools, and strategies you can use in your classroom.

A Wednesday webinar subscription is $99/person which includes the following:
* Access to 30 LIVE webinars (Wednesdays from 4-5:30pm EST)
* continuing education credit (1 credit per session)
* Access to all session recordings
* Extensive resources and classroom templates

Register and learn more:
* Discount link (50% off): https://tinyl.io/4mfo
* Learn more: HTTP://chrmbook.com/webinar
* Full schedule: https://tinyl.io/4mfp
* Bulk discount for schools & districts: https://www.sowashventures.com/subscription/

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John R. Sowash is a former HS biology teacher and principal who helps teachers use technology to improve instruction. You can pick up a copy of his book, read his blog, or invite him to come and visit your school.
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