Webinars MeLCi Lab – Exploring the Digital Cultures of #Migrant TikTokers

Title: Exploring the Digital Cultures of #Migrant TikTokers

Abstract: In this webinar, we will discuss a study that focuses on the creative practices of Latin American migrant tiktokers in the United States and Spain. This research explores the deployment of TikTok affordances and vernaculars by migrant tiktokers. These creative, communicative, and cultural practices constitute attempts by migrant creators, as members of traditionally marginalized groups, to advance specific counternarratives and (self)representations while connecting and adapting to configurations that characterize this social media platform. Practices related to the dissemination of information about rights and migratory processes are also relevant, as well as cases where creators challenge oppressive norms within their receiving societies. Key findings and approaches will be discussed as well as the relevance of this research to gain a deeper understanding of digital cultures within diasporic and marginalized populations.

CV: Daniela Jaramillo-Dent is a Doctoral Student in the Interuniversity Doctoral Program in Communication at the University of Huelva. Her research explores discourse, representations, and narratives about immigration on social media platforms. Her academic background includes undergraduate and graduate studies in Communication, Education, and Leadership. Her professional trajectory includes work as an educator and communicator in Ecuador, the US, and Spain. Her recent work on multimodal, platformed narratives about immigration has been published in the European Journal of Communication and New Media & Society. She currently works as Pre-doctoral Research Fellow at the University of Huelva, participating in research projects focusing on social media narratives at the national and European levels. She also collaborates in the Board of Management for the peer-reviewed journal Comunicar.

Chair: Maria José Brites