Webinars-How to deliver an engaging one-3 key tips for livelier delivery

This video will help any teacher, lecturer or trainer to deliver a much more engaging webinar. Russell Stannard has been training teachers, lecturers and trainers in using webinar tools for more than 10 years. In this video he will focus on 3 key tips that will really make your webinars more engaging and much livelier. He will show you how to add more variety to your presentations so that the focus continually changes. From using YouTube video, to adding questions, using the IWB as well as some great tips on how to work with the chat. This step by step training video is packed with useful tips and ideas.

In this video Russell is using ClickMeeting but his ideas can be applied to most quality Webinar tools

Russell focuses on

1) Making better use of the tools to vary engagement
2) Ways to bring the chat into focus
3) Ways to take the pressure off the presenter by having other media pre-prepared.

This one video will make a huge difference to way the way you give a webinar and will give you lots of useful ideas to bring variety to your presentations.