Voices of Conscientious Objection – Highlights from our series of webinars

These are the highlights from our series of webinars ‘Voices of Conscientious Objection’ which we organised in 2020-21.

So far we organised six webinars which looked at different aspects of conscientious objection to military conscription.

00:00 – Webinar 1 (Symon Hill, PPU)
02:53 – Webinar 2 (Lois Bibbings, Professor)
04:10 – Webinar 2 (David Milner, CO researcher)
05:50 – Webinar 3 (Donald Saunders, WW2 CO)
07:47 – Webinar 3 (Ann Cramer, Historian)
10:00 – Webinar 4 (Gina Chappa, Cyprus CO)
10:53 – Webinar 4 (Murat Kanatli, Cyprus CO)
11:28 – Webinar 4 (Natalia García Cortés, WRI Colombia)
13:20 – Webinar 5 (Robin Brookes, Peace Tax Seven)
14:44 – Webinar 5 (Mary Lou Leavitt, Quaker)
16:33 – Webinar 5 (Monica Frisch, Conscience)
21:01 – Webinar 6 (Jo Berry, Building Bridges For Peace)

Peace experts, historians, writers, COs, professors and many more gave their insight to our webinars as our guest speakers.

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-We would like to express our deepest appreciation to our amazing speakers for contributing with their valuable insights.
-We are extremely grateful to Funding for Social Change for sponsoring our project.
-Thanks should also go to our supporters for attending our webinars.

We value your support. Thank you!