UAP Webinars – Fire Doors | Part 1: Fire Door Specification

From residential to commercial, this series will see us discuss a range of fire related topics. With expert insight from within the building industry, and thoughtful opinions about how hardware is advancing communities around the world.

Presented by Nicola John, Business Consultant at NJJ Business Solutions, and featuring Paul Goggins, Specification Director at UAP, episode one of this webinar looks at ​the specification and use of fire door hardware in the UK.

Nicola has a background in construction, door manufacturing and training development. She’s taken her training and business experience to consult businesses and provide tailored business solutions.

Paul joined UAP in February 2017. He has many years’ experience in the door and window manufacturing sector, having held senior roles at Magnet, Dale Joinery and PDS (where he was a co-founder and Sales Director).