Tuesday Webinars: The multifaceted notion of bad faith

The concept of bad faith is not defined, delimited or even described in any way in the EU trade mark legislation. Guidance as to its meaning and scope has been derived from the Court of Justice, the General Court and the Boards of Appeal’s case law.

While it is true that in many cases the existence or not of bad faith conduct may depend on the individual facts, the EU case law over the course of years has developed a number of key factors which become relevant when examining allegations of a bad faith conduct.

The European Courts’ recent case-law, in 2019 2020, further clarified the concept of bad faith, examining closely each one of the objective factors, firstly set by Lindt, necessary to establish such absolute ground for invalidity by means of a balancing exercise between the interests of the trade mark owner and the free competition in the market.

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