The series of Weekly Webinars: Introduction and Applications of Three Port Converters

Topic: Introduction and Applications of Three Port Converters

Panelist 1: Tsorng-Juu (Peter) Liang, Associate Dean, College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, National Cheng-Kung University
Panelist 2: Vinh Doan Quang, Rector/Associate Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering, The University of Danang – University of Science and Technology Danang city, Vietnam
Panelist 3: Huynh Kim Kien Nghiep (Peter), PhD student of National Cheng-Kung University

Introduction: With the widely adoption of batteries in sustainable energy systems, a step-down three-port converter is essential for the low battery voltage applications. In this presentation, the topologies and characteristics of three port converters will be introduced and discussed. A high step-down three-port converter (TPC) for low battery voltages is presented in detail. The high step-down three-port converter is constructed by a tapped-inductor with buck structure to achieve high step-down conversion ratio while reducing the turns ratio of the tapped-inductor.