Teaser: UI Webinars on Social Inequality

Sign up to our webinars on the 25th November and 9th of December 2020 to uncover new thinking on the drivers of social inequality and succeeding against the odds:


We are organising a series of webinars in autumn/winter 2020/21 for researchers, third sector organisations, policymakers and practitioners to discuss and debate contemporary issues about the nature, origins and impacts of inequality. The Understanding Inequalities (UI) research project is taking a multi-disciplinary approach to understand the direct and indirect causes and consequences of inequality, how it manifests in different ways across different social groups and a range of spatial levels. We invite anyone working in the field of inequalities to join our webinars.


Understanding Inequalities (UI) is a project, funded by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC Grant Reference ES/P009301/1), which aims to explore the causes and consequences of inequalities in Scottish society and beyond. Find out more on https://www.understanding-inequalities.ac.uk/