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*BEWARE* – This is a way to con screen shots and webinars

There is a very simple way to con people into purchasing an online course or believing some online statistics! You will very often see people selling moneymaking programs and showing screenshots of their affiliate program with thousands of pounds going into the bank every day. You may also see marketers showing screenshots of their statistics, …

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LDV Podcast 50: Tutorial – Using OBS for Business Video, Streaming, and Webinars

Learn how to use free OBS software, to achieve what looks like “post production” video effects during live webinars and video calls. *Tutorial Links* OBS Studio Download – https://obsproject.com/ OBS Virtual-Cam Download – http://bit.ly/2raVOF4 *Sponsor Links* Highfive Website – https://highfive.com/ Highfive / Dolby Evaluation – http://bit.ly/2OBwGiu Highfive Webinar: Video Meeting Room Best Practices – http://bit.ly/2XAc2DH

Bimonthly webinars Monday, November 18, 2019 10 01 32 AM

'Creating Successful Webinars' by Rita Williams-Bogar '76

CREATING SUCCESSFUL WEBINARS Hosted by Rita Williams-Bogar ’76, Moderated by Marissa Crean ’81 In this training webinar, expert facilitators Rita Williams-Bogar ’76 and Marissa Crean ’81 will discuss the essential techniques for creating an engaging webinar, the roles of a presenter and a moderator, and lastly acquaint you with the webinar delivery system.


http://www.hivip.es/webinars/ En este vídeo de Hi VIP explicamos las ventajas que ofrece los webinars y cómo te puede ayudar a generar valor. Solicita una demostración de Webinar desde aquí: http://www.hivip.es/demostracion-webinars/

Webinars met een green screen, hoe werkt dat?

Werken met een green screen is leuk en het maakt de visuele vormgeving van je webinar flexibel. Maar hoe werkt dat nou, zo’n green screen? In deze video leggen we je uit hoe chroma keyen werkt. Wij gebruiken daarvoor graag OBS, een mooie applicatie waarmee je live kunt uitzenden terwijl je chroma keyt. En terwijl …

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