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Data modelling 101 with Power BI | Community Webinars

In this session, you’ll learn the basics of data modelling in #PowerBI with live demos. Understand why both directional relationships are acting differently, how you can build a model with active and inactive relationships, what is a dimension and fact table, and how the star schema is built. Learn more: https://community.powerbi.com #PowerBIMVPWebinar #MVPWebinar

Carbon prices and the impact on coal | IEACCC Webinars

Carbon pricing is viewed by economists as the most cost-efficient method of reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs), such as carbon dioxide (CO2). Several countries and sub-national jurisdictions have implemented carbon pricing policies since the 1990’s, to mixed results. The European Union Emissions Trading System (ETS) is the largest of these systems, beginning in 2005 and …

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How to – 1:1 sessions and webinars

I guide you step by step through the process of preparing for and registering for 1:1 sessions with me and webinars. This link https://mailchi.mp/0dc598f6421d/firstfruittas has all you need to connect, participate and support or sow into this channel Feedback and comments always welcome. Disclaimer: Note that the attached is a prophetic word from the throne …

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The Impacts of #ActiveTransport | Severo Ochoa Webinars (Session 1 – Part 2)

AIMS Bring together the international research and practitioner community in transport impact assessment Learn about readily available tools to assess transport impacts or components of it (e.g. transport demand models for active travel). Learn about state-of-the-art methods for the evaluation of transport impacts. Learn from practitioners and decision-makers what evidence and tools are useful to …

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FREE Property Webinars for you. Register Now!

FREE webinar links below for you to register. While we have the time to connect and reflect in lockdown, I’m running a series of 4 webinars for you guys. Do join me. It has been enjoyable to connect with folks through these FREE webinars, and I run a Q & A afterwards, to get your …

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How I’m Putting 2,000 to 3,000 People Into Webinars Every Week! My 5 Top Secrets…

5 strategies I am using to pack webinars with 2-3k people per week and generate 8-Figures a year! If you’re coach, consultant, influencer, sell high-ticket products, etc. then you must get into webinars! I have used webinars for more than a decade making millions and I am able to do this with a simple 5 …

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