Sunday Story?/Karate Webinars by Hanshi Premjit Sen and Sir Luca Valdesi. #webinars #karate #sunday

Hey lovelies, Welcome to my channel!! ❤️

➡️ How do I my Sundays? My Sundays are basically engaged with online classes or Webinars. But for most of you I know y’ll relax on this day by spending quality time with your family or watching some movie or engaging yourself in some fun activities.
But as a fitness enthusiast and a KARATEKA I am mostly involved in some or the other fitness regimes.

➡️ In this video I am doing two back to back Webinars on the same day.
First Karate Webinar on Kumite and strength training was by Hanshi Premjit Sen (8th Dan Black Belt, Referee & Judge of WKF & AKF) and
Second Karate Webinar on Kata (Shadow fighting) was by Sir Luca Valdesi (4 times World Champion)
Both the webinars were full of knowledge and exciting techniques.
I am very much thankful to my Shihan for providing an opportunity to learn and grow.

➡️ Music Courtesy: InShot extracts.

➡️ I am PUJA from India, an athlete, a 2nd Dan Black Belt KarateKa and a fitness enthusiast.

This is my first vlog on my channel, I hope you guys will love it and please Share, Subscribe, Comment and like.

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