String Webinars for Conductors (sample)

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String Webinars for Conductors
Hosted by Jebat Kee

This is a video collection of snippets from the weekly webinars I have been hosting on string techniques with fellow conductors, during this period of quarantine. Geared towards but not exclusively for conductors who are non-string players, we dive in to the string parts of standard pieces in the orchestral repertoire.

If you are interested in these webinars, please fill out this quick Google Form: https://forms.gle/aPeVVwwT6YYGeQjY9


Topics briefly discussed in this short video:

0:05 Creating Profile to the String Sound
0:27 Demystifying Phrasing and Bowing Markings
1:01 Intensification of Vibrato
1:22 Finding the Right Sound
1:58 When Is a Glissando Say, Appropriate?
2:22 Aspects of Sound Based on Character
2:42 Different Timbres of Pizzicato
3:12 Exploring Ricochet Bowing
3:50 Sound Quality of Non Divisi Chords