[Srijan Wednesday Webinars] Analytics for Online Retail

India is one of the largest and fastest growing markets for Online Retail globally. However this exponential growth throws up many challenges. In the current scenario of online retail where the customer is king, it is important to find out what the customer wants, the categories they buy, their choices and preferences, their demographic distribution, etc. That’s where the data comes into play. With millions of transactions every day, manually finding customer patterns is similar to finding the provincial needle in a haystack. Factors like Resellers, Inventories, Social Media, Product bundling among others too have a big impact. Therefore, understanding the impact of these factors is and their interplay becomes crucial to ensure success for any Online Retail player.

In this webinar, our speaker explained the interplay between Social Media and Web Analytics for growth and survival of an online retail business. He will shed light on the key areas and KPIs which play a pivotal role in determining whether a business will survive, grow and emerge as a winner.