Sinhasi Webinars: Sensex vs COVID Third Wave – Who Will Prevail?

We as investors, invest in Equity to get better returns than Fixed Deposits, especially now with FD interest rates being so low. Some of our choices are to invest in shares, equity mutual funds, and PMS Schemes. The goal of investing in PMS schemes is to get better returns than equity mutual funds. And this is what Girik Capital has achieved consistently over a 10-year period. We at Sinhasi have been working with Girik Capital now for almost 10 years and all our clients have reaped the benefits of their alpha returns. The Girik Capital Multicap PMS is now the top-performing PMS fund in India over a 5- and 10-year period.
There are many objective and subjective views on how the Indian market will react at 52k which I am collating from various acknowledged leaders of businesses and I recently spoke to Charandeep Singh and Varun Daga, both founders of Girik Capital to see what their tips are on the market touching 52K, with the Covid 3rd wave around the corner. And we covered some very interesting topics. Read about it here at https://bit.ly/3fDt6CZ
The markets are apparently poised to grow much higher. We have not seen the full potential of the market. Stay invested. Remain disciplined with your asset allocation and financial plan.