[Shorts] Using Webinars to Keep your Flywheel Spinning in SaaS – Eric Keating, Appcues

Webinars make for a great marketing strategy. The trick lies in how you leverage it. In addition to providing engaging content, it can also be associated with content marketing, lead generation, brand marketing, and product marketing. That’s not common with a lot of channels out there. So what does it take to produce high-quality webinars? We dissected the importance of an excellent webinar along with HootSuite, Unbounce, AppCues and Whereby in this exclusive event.

Meet the speaker:

Eric Keating heads up Marketing at Appcues. A Go-to-market strategist, team builder, and company steward. Always keeping an eye on metrics and an ear to customers. Above all, a level-headed team player. When he isn’t helping companies become more product-led, he’s likely to be found keeping up with his wife and two children, exploring the White Mountains, or fermenting things at home.

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