SaaS Retention: Using Webinars for Retention Marketing

Retaining users is a continuous battle that everyone faces, but sometimes it is hard to think of innovative and creative ways to hold on to your users.

How can you work around issues that sometimes can’t be easily explained by in-app tooltips or resource centers?

Fortunately, there is a one-word answer that can help solve all your retention-based headaches.

Webinars! Webinars are a great tool to adopt when working on retention marketing as they add a personal touch for your users and bridge that gap between the company and the users!

Emilia talks through the significance of using pre-recorded webinars for new users which can be included in welcome emails to further explain your product and how live webinars can help answer any difficult questions to work around any issues which can stop users slipping away. In addition, Emilia also discusses how webinars can be used to create an air of exclusivity and how you can turn advanced users into expert or power users!

Webinars are personal, a great relationship builder and can be used at any and every stage.

Head to our more detailed post to find out more on how webinars can be utilized for retention marketing: https://userpilot.com/blog/webinars-retention-marketing/