REd Webinars – Antoine's Activity Digest – New Writing and Speaking Activities – 23/11/2019

In this week’s Activity Digest, we go over new Writing and Speaking activities on our website red.resource-education.com.

We’ve added new activities per your requests. You will find new activities for low level Present Simple, To Be and associated speaking activities. You will also find new high level activities for Conditionals and for Be/Get Used To. Finally, we’ve added various Debate and Discussion activities for our exam preparation (FCE, CAE, ЕГЭ, Bac, etc.) and to develop writing and argumentation skills.

We have also been working hard on our Soft Skills materials. You will find a new range of communication skills with extensive strategy texts, exercises and speaking activities.

Tune in for next week’s Activity Digest! Register at red.resource-education.com.