Recorded Webinars | Data Configuration in Tally Single User License

Learn how to configure data location on a single user Tally.

Hello Everyone!

This is a short video which demonstrates the configuring of Data location on a Single user Tally in simple steps.

Let us open Tally. Here if we enter on Select Company when the company files are not located in the default data location or outside Tally folder, it will say No Companies on disk.

The relevant data location has to be configured to list the companies always on start or restart of Tally.

To configure the Data location on server, open the folder available in the local system which contains the company files in 5 digits folder format, select and copy the folder location and come back to Tally.

Go to F12 Configuration and enter on Data Configuration, now paste the company folders location against Location of Data files and press Enter.

To load Companies on start-up, Enable this option and select companies to preload on start-up and accept the configuration by Pressing Control A

Now, for the Changes to have effect, Say Yes to restart.

Enter on Select Company, the companies will be listed from the configured data location and you are now ready to work on the data by selecting the required company from the list.

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