Ransomware Unlocked | Ashwini Siddhi | Nullcon Webinars 2021

A highlight on Ransomware – its history, current attacks, different hacker groups, and the framework for the last line of defense.

Speaker Bio:
A Security Engineer with industry experience in areas like Application Security, Security Architecture, Secure Design, and Network Security.

Currently, working as Secure Design Services Lead with the Product Security Office at DELL EMC to provide leadership and strategic direction to Secure Design Review and Threat Modeling Services to shift security left and implement Secure Design Life cycle. Additionally, as a Product Security Advisor involved in conceptually validating security architecture for Data Protection Suite of products from legacy EMC so as to identify necessary security controls to build products that are resilient to attacks.

With extensive experience in Security Architecture, previously owned the security strategy for an ONG Major and was also part of the Secure Design team for Core Banking – Finacle.

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