Prioritization – Delegation- NCLEX Testing strategies – Archer Webinars

Archer NCLEX testing strategies – Delegation – Prioritization, Quizzes – ONDEMAND webinar. Access at your own convenience -ACCESS MORE AT https://archerreview.com/nclex-rn-content-review/

Archer Review, a comprehensive reviewer for NCLEX-RN and NCLEX-PN exams, is focused on making quality and comprehensive test prep affordable to every nurse worldwide. Combine these crash courses along with Archer’s highly popular NCLEX Qbanks with 2500 Qs that have consistently achieved a 99% pass rate.

This 2-hour testing strategies is a very essential webinar YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS!!
Management concepts including delegation/ assignment and prioritization are tricky and frequently tested topics on NCLEX. This is one of the several Archer content review crash courses to strengthen your concepts and face NCLEX more confidently. The idea of this webinar is to:

1. Go over all essential strategies in addressing NCLEX concepts in Prioritization/ Delegation, and Assignment.
2. Go over critical thinking quizzes, quiz you and answer these quizzes live using important testing strategies.
3. Provide you with challenge quizzes throughout the course. Get your doubts clarified and understand concepts!

Syllabus ARCHER NCLEX RAPID REVIEW :- https://www2.slideshare.net/usmlegalaxy/rapid-content-prep-nclex-archer-review

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