Parent and Teen Mental Health (Webinars for Wellness Series)

This webinar about Parent and Teen Mental Health was brought to you by the Gift of Learning. Sneha Verma from Stickers Speak hosted this webinar with moderators Eesha Kulkarni and Shivangi Gosain. Guest speakers from MOMNetwork and Stickers Speak talk about mental health from the viewpoints of parents and teens.

0:00 – Introduction
1:35 – Stickers Speak Giveaway
7:28 – Conversations with Parents or Teens about Mental Health
15:00 – Can Parents tell that their Child is Struggling with Mental Health?
20:25 – How do you deal with stress?
26:58 – How long do our guest speakers spend doing things they love?
29:35 – The Effects of Virtual Learning on Mental Health
37:30 – How do you explain mental health to young children?
43:13 – Personal Experiences with Anxiety and Stress
53:20 – Bringing Up the Possibility of Treatment around Parents and Teens
1:01:45 – How often should we get our mental health checked out?
1:03:45 – How often do our guest speakers spend on “me time”?
1:08:45 – How has the viewpoint regarding mental health changed throughout time?
1:20:01 – Conclusion

Contact Stickers Speak at stickersspeak.com
Contact MOMNetwork at momnetworkusa.com

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