Origin Webinars: QOZ Fund Overview

Learn more about Origin’s QOZ Fund properties: http://bit.ly/Origin-QOZ-Fund-Properties
Curious about investing in Qualified Opportunity Zones? Watch this webinar recording to hear Origin Principal Michael Episcope detail everything you need to know about investing in the Origin Qualified Opportunity Zone Fund. This diversified portfolio of Class A multifamily assets invests in fast-growing markets throughout the U.S. Plus, investors who roll over their capital gains from other investments into the Origin QOZ Fund will benefit from significant tax advantages. The webinar gives a high level overview of the qualified opportunity zone program, what makes Origin and our QOZ Fund unique, plus everything you need to know to make an informed decision about if this Fund is right for your portfolio.

Origin QOZ Fund Overview Webinar Agenda

Introduction 0:00 – 1:32
About Origin 1:32 – 2:56
Why QOZ & Why Now? 2:56 – 7:01
Fund Strategy 7:01 – 11:49
Capital Call Process 11:49 – 15:49
Tax Benefit Analysis 15:49 – 16:27
Fund Projections 16:27 – 21:11
Terms 21:11 – 24:38

Next Steps
After watching the webinar, you can open an Origin account (here: http://bit.ly/Origin-QOZ-Fund-Properties) to access all the due diligence documents you need about the QOZ Fund. Plus, you’ll have access to a dedicated Origin representative who can answer any questions you may have.