Non-Violent Communication with Francesca Francese – IM Campus Webinars

00:00 Introduction
02:36 Origins of Non-Violent Communication (NVC)
07:53 The 4 Main Componnents and 2 Directions of NVC
13:19 Oberservation vs. Judgement – Componnent 1
27:30 Identifying and Expressing Feelings – Componnent 2
32:58 Needs – Componnent 3
36:28 Request for Action – Componnent 4
38:51 Audience Question 1: What if the opposite person reacts violently when I’m politely asking them to do something?
40:04 Audience Question 2: Can violent communication also be part of our self-talk?
42:25 Audience Question 3: How to use non-violent commication for reframing in mediation?
44:00 Audience Question 4: What when the other person doesn’t know or understand non-violent communication?
49:07 Audience Question 5: What is the role of tone in communication?
51:05 Audience Question 6: How to calm the other person down in order to have non-violent communication?
53:10 Audience Question 7: How to exactly define non-violent communication?
55:00 Audience Question 8: Are the own feeling considered in non-violent communication?
56:30 Audience Question 9: Empathy in non-violent communication

From peacebuilders to people that just want to live in peace: Here is what you have to know about non-violent communication. Francesca Francese takes us through all the basics to get an understanding of this immensly important topic of human interaction.

Francesca Francese is a civil and commercial mediator, with almost two decades of experience and thousands of mediated cases. See more information about Francesca Francese here: https://im-campus.com/international-mediator-campus-trainers/#FrancescaFrancese

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