Nick Dunning Workshops and Webinars

2 Announcements for a live workshop i am doing and a live webinar. The workshop covers:
In this class that Nick has developed, You’ll discover:


1. Intro : How to Pitch your Brilliant Idea . Your outline and plan for success.

2. Your hook, Your Wins, Your Elements, Your Record

3. How to recognise your pitching type. Are you a Boss, A Spark or a Virgin?

4. How to create an “Emotional Connection” with “The Catchers” using your unconscious mind

5. How to pitch to the stony faced accountant type who has no creative juices at all.

6. How to hook The Catchers brain and pull them deep inside your idea so they stay there.

7. How body language and vocal tone is way more important than the words you say.

8. How to break through the limitations of your negative based fear thinking

9. How to relax in any room under any kind of pressure

10. The 11 Principles of Successful Pitching

11. Your Pre Flight Pitching Checklist

12. The Meditation.