New Feature – Recurring Live classes and Interactive Webinars

We are super excited to announce the availability of Recurring Live Classes/Live Interactive Webinars in NZ.

👉 Earlier it was not possible to create recurring Live Classes/Webinars. This was the hugely popular ask from NZ Live users and many users still kept their Zoom subscriptions due to this.

Not anymore, now you can create live recurring classes!

✅ Make Live Class or Live Interactive Webinar to Recurring
Once someone books spot on Recurring they can access all the recurring sessions using the same link without additional registrations/booking
✅ Daily/Monthly/Weekly Recurring Option
✅ Repeat: every x day/month/week
✅ Weekly: Occur on what day of the week
✅ Monthly: Occurs on day x of the month
✅ End Recurring on a specific date
✅ End Recurring after a number of occurrences
✅ Up to 30 occurrences allowed.
✅ View & Edit Recurring Schedule
✅ Delete any sessions from the schedule if you cannot do a particular session
✅ Add a new session into the schedule
✅ Automations: Apply to All Occurrences toggle if you want to send the same automation/email for all occurrences eg starting in 1-hour reminder.

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