My Top 3 Scripting Secrets for Authentic and Effective Webinars

In this final episode of our 3 part series all about webinars, I’m addressing the topic of scripting⁠.

It can be a powerful way to concisely get your point across, ensure you hit the essential talking points and mail your pitch— but scripting can also tank engagement and audience retention.

So join me inside this episode to learn my top 3 scripting secrets (hint: it’s very limited and some very strategically).

In this episode, you’ll learn:

🔥 What it means to use intentional scripting
🔥 How to script in a way that serves your audience (not yourself)
🔥 The 3 specific spots on a webinar to script so you get to the point faster and connect more effectively with your audience
🔥 Plus actionable tips on how you can apply this on your next webinar

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