MMA-ОНАРА Webinars. Effective Communication.

Второй вебинар ММА – ОНАРА прошел по теме Effective communication.
Тему очередной встречи в рамках программы повышения квалификации ММА – ОНАРА раскроют 3 спикера:

Jason Anderson: Investigating challenges and solutions for effective communication in our classes.
This interactive webinar will involve you, the participants, in identifying key challenges that Russian secondary and university teachers of English face in their classrooms when trying to engage students in spoken interaction to develop their speaking and listening skills.
We will then look at a number of possible solutions that can help with some of these challenges. These will vary, depending on the challenges, but may include ideas for specific activities, strategies and techniques, both from me and from you, the participants. We will finish with some simple ideas for classroom research to investigate any such challenge further and try out your chosen solutions!
The talk will focus mainly on face-to-face teaching, but we’ll also have time to consider online teaching.

Natalia Kolina: The importance of presenting and supporting arguments (justification) in ELT class.
In our session we will talk about communicative skills in general and, in more detail, subskills, we need to help our students develop to be able to meet the requirements of our modern world.

Evgeni Usachev: Building up effective communication skills online.
В рамках вебинара мы рассмотрим приемы формирования эффективных навыков коммуникации онлайн.