Making 6 Figures With Messenger + Webinars

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This is a real thing… if you promote your webinars using THIS Messenger setup you can absolutely CRUSH your competition while they are banging away trying to get more leads – you can make more from the leads you’re getting.

This is what separates GOOD marketers, from GREAT marketers.. I genuinely believe you can make more promoting webinars through Messenger than almost any other source BECAUSE of the follow up.
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(To use the share funnel, just go to Chatmatic above, add a page, then go to “settings”. There will be a link near the top labeled “Templates”. Go there, copy that code above into the “Import Template” area. And you’re done! The template will NOT show up in the “Template” area… it will show up in the “Engage” tab as you are importing a real campaign)

The share code above will give you access to the messenger sequence I just created that YOU can promote to get people to register for our Agency Accelerator webinar.

So you simply upload that template above to your fan page – you create a Click To Messenger ad that is set to trigger a keyword engagement that matches.

You’ll notice in Step 3 it tells them to download the field guide, that will be where you place your affiliate link! That’ll cookie the lead to your affiliate account and if they buy from the webinar – you get the commission!

This is literally ALL setup so that on Step 2 you can trigger the web hook that will automatically register them for the everwebinar time of their choice.

Almost NO ONE can do this in the marketing space. I get asked about this exact campaign all the time. Here are the KEYS to getting this to work.

Make sure you setup two Integrations to fire in one automation. The first integration is my webhook (available in the members area DO NOT CLICK THE WEBHOOK LINK) the next is YOURS, which should sync the lead to your autoresponder.

Make sure you add the following tags in the Step 1 quick replies. If you set these up correctly, anyone who gives their email in step 2 will get registered for the time they chose as long as they have no other tags at the time they sign up:
As soon as possible = jot
11am = 11am
3pm = 3pm
5pm = 5pm
8pm = 8pm

Make sure you change the link in Step 3 that gives them the Field Guide download. You’ll go into the affiliate system, grab the link labeled “Affiliate Messenger TY Page”. That link will send them to a normal looking thank you page. (if you’d like, I can place your Facebook pixel on this page… you just need to message support with your tracking pixel. This would allow you to run conversion objective campaigns)

Start running ads! Dig deep and look for audiences that are interested and start building your list!

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