Live Streaming – Series of Webinars on Springscapes (Day 2 – 5 Oct 2021)

‘Springs’ are ecosystems where groundwater is exposed at, and typically flows from the Earth’s surface and are the principal water resource for mountain communities to meet out their daily water needs. Springs vary greatly in flow, water chemistry, geomorphic form, ecological significance, and have cultural and economic importance. Over the years, these precious water resources are increasingly drying up or becoming seasonal due to manifold reasons, causing untold misery to both rural and urban inhabitants which makes spring water a crucial research and development issue, and a policy challenge. Subsequently, many project/programs were undertaken by different agencies/groups/individuals to revive or rejuvenate the drying springs using multidimensional approaches which yielded mixed success and learning lessons. It is only through these studies the science of springs is evolving and more and more research and developmental facts are unveiling. In order to popularize the subject matter and motivates the young minds/researchers for research on springs, a dissemination platform other than conventional article publication is needed to popularize this subject. This is where the idea of “Springscapes” is comes into picture. Through this “Springscape” we aimed to bring the researchers, who are working on springs and related subject matter, hereafter called “Spring’s Scholars“; on an online platform to share their research and learning lessons to popularize the spring science/research and motivate the prospective work force to carry out research in safeguarding the Himalayan Blue Heritage i.e. Springs Sources.