Legal Billing: Making Payment Plans Pay Off (Webinars for Busy Lawyers)

With 81% of legal consumers seeking payment plans, and 56% of them reporting payment plans as a positive influence on their choice.

And more, a large swath of potential clients aren’t even able to hire a lawyer because of financial limitations. But many lawyers have been burned by setting clients up on payment plans.

This program will talk through the cons of payment plans and how to turn them around, to decrease the administrative burden and increase income.

– Knowing your payment methods and picking the best one for your firm;
– Payment plan models and alternatives;
– When to process improve and when to outsource.

About the Expert
Charity Anastasio is a Practice and Ethics Counsel for the American Immigration Lawyers Association. She was in private practice for 5 years in the greater Seattle Area, before she entered the bar association world where she has helped lawyers overcome their practice management hurdles for 8 years. Charity is an enthusiastic ethics nerd and practice management ambassador. She advises on ethics and practice management issues through consultations, publications, and presentations. She is the chair of the ABA Law Practice Division’s Professional Development Board, is a past speaker at the ABA TECHSHOW, and was named an ABA 2020 Women of Legal Tech Honoree. Find her on Twitter @charityanas.

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