Introduction to the CADRI Digital Tool | Regional webinars: Asia Pacific

The event was introduced by Mr. Christophe Bahuet, Regional Director UNDP and Mr. Marco Toscana Rivalta, UNDRR Regional Director for Asia and The Pacific.
The opening and welcoming remarks were made by the two Directors touching on the relevance and usefulness of CADRI in building the capacities of government and CADRI partners and delivering as one.

In June-October 2021 the CADRI Partnership organized a series of webinars to present the new functionalities of CADRI digital tool to the CADRI regional experts and discuss with them its potential to improve our ability to advise countries on how to effectively reduce vulnerability to disaster and climate risk and leave no one behind.

The first webinars have provided an overview of the nine sector modules – agriculture, infrastructure, environment, WASH, Health, Nutrition, Cultural Heritage and Human Mobility – to assess capacities to reduce disaster and climate risks. The digital functionalities that help customize the capacity diagnosis to the country context and enable a collaborative process with multiple country stakeholders including the government, the UN and the IFRC system have been presented.

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