India's Winter Women : Munmun Dhalaria | IMF Webinars Vol. 18 | Mountain Life

Kibber at 4270m is one of the highest inhabited villages across the Himalaya. Farming communities, like the ones residing in Spiti valley, are especially vulnerable to climate change and its direct repercussions through fluctuating harvests. Women in these remote communities disproportionately bear the brunt of any crises that affects the region. Munmun Dhalaria has been visiting Spiti since 2016 in one visit spend a month in Kibber in dead winter. During this time she made a short film as an ode to life in the frozen desert, and the resilience of the women who call it home. This webinar is a brief journey through Munmun’s experiences in Spiti.

Munmun Dhalaria is an award winning independent filmmaker and National Geographic Storytelling Explorer, mainly focussing on wildlife conservation, gender and science communication. In 2019, she documented the rare and elusive Western Tragopan, considered a holy grail among birders and wildlife photographers. Her film ‘The Jujurana’s Kingdom’ was the Best Mountain Wildlife film at the IMF Mountain Film Festival, New Delhi, for the year 2020.

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To know more about Munmun’s work, please visit her website: www.munmundhalaria.com .
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Watch Munmun’s Film “An Uncertain Winter” here: https://youtu.be/4gvSy9oV6eY

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