How I Create Wealth Through Instagram & Webinars – Tricia Ikponmwonba

Talk about making lemonade out of lemons, that is TriciaBiz. This woman is slowing building her childhood empire and there are lots of lessons to learn from the process. Tricia Ikpowonba was born into a well to do family but watched her father lose his money. It was at this point she began to discover unique traits and capabilities that she possessed, one of which is resilience. The young Tricia did not let the absence of funds which were once abundant stop her. She devised methods to fend for herself and crafted new paths around problems that reared their heads. Another trait, right there is innovation.

Right from her first job, these childhood traits began to play out helping to chart the upward slope of Tricia’s career path. Tricia Ikpowonba rose through the ranks from being a relationship manager to being a senior account manager. Her skills took her to a multinational as the senior brand manager. Tricia finally left the corporate world after attaining the position of marketing manager in 2017.

After leaving the corporate world this phenomenal goal-getter birthed the small business owner now celebrate, the TriciaBiz brand. 2017 was not all rosy as the business started from a desperate need to leave the country after the crash of her marriage.TriciaBiz sat with the TopNaija team to tell her story of business which features heartbreak, courage and a great need to solve problems.