How Cooling Line & Mold Design Influence Plastic Parts | Webinars by SPE | Erik Foltz

How Cooling Line and Mold Design Influence Plastic Part Cost & Performance

Cycle time optimization is often one of the main objectives when designing and constructing the mold. However, the majority of a molding cycle is often dictated by the cooling time. Therefore, it is strange that in the mold design process the integration and design of the cooling line layout and high conductivity inserts is often left toward the end of the design process where the design envelops has been drastically reduced. It is also commonly believed that the placement of the cooling lines is the only driver for properly cooling the part, and its design only influences the manufacturability of the part. This presentation will highlight the importance of all aspects of the mold cooling design on molding efficiency, and will also highlight how decisions on this design aspect of your mold actually influence the end performance of your plastic part. These points will be illustrated through practical engineer calculations and validated through case studies.

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Erik Foltz, is a Senior Managing Engineer at The Madison Group, an independent plastics consulting firm located in Madison, WI. At The Madison Group, Erik assists designers, engineers, and molders with optimizing their plastic part design for manufacturability and performance. Taking a holistic approach, Foltz helps his customers understand where the practical limitations of their material, design, or manufacturing method exist. Using both simulation and functional prototypes, he has helped customers during all the phases of product development and performance validation. Foltz, is an active member for both the Product Design and Development Division (PD3) and Injection Molding Division of the Society of Plastics Engineers.


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