Host Webinars with Microsoft Teams | Modern Work Customer Success

Setting up and running webinars in Microsoft Teams is just as easy as scheduling your next meeting. This webinar from the Microsoft Australia Customer Success Team showcases exciting new capabilities in Teams such as custom registration forms, rich presentation options, moderation controls and engagement reporting.

Join Lily Huynh as she runs through Microsoft Teams Webinars from start to finish!


0:00 Introduction
0:50 What are Microsoft Teams Webinars
4:50 Setting up Webinars in Microsoft Teams
6:45 Create and Share Registration Pages
13:20 Modify Meeting Options
17:25 View Registrations
18:15 Running Webinars
20:45 Allow Video and Microphone for Attendees
22:13 Spotlight Speakers
23:00 Enable Live Captions
24:00 Additional Participant Control
25:30 Polls and Forms
30:32 Presenting with PowerPoint Live
41:00 Attendee Perspective
43:10 Together Mode
44:35 Post Webinar
46:24 Webinar Capabilities Roadmap and Resources