Guiding Webinars on Habitat Implementation: Using the Pollinator Habitat Scorecard- August 13, 2019

This webinar introduces the recently finalized Pollinator Scorecard developed by the Rights-of-Way as Habitat Working Group’s Metrics & Targets Task Force. The Pollinator Scorecard provides a method for evaluating habitat quality and the compatibility of vegetation management with pollinator habitat on energy and transportation lands. Key topics include: an overview of the multi-tiered scorecard, step-by-step instructions on using the scorecard, and other considerations and recommendations.

Our panel of presenters includes the Technical Team that led the Pollinator Scorecard development:
– Iris Caldwell, Program Manager – Sustainable Landscapes, University of Illinois at Chicago
– Dan Salas, Senior Principal, Cardno
– Erik Anderson, Senior Associate, Environmental Incentives
– Alison Cariveau, Science Coordinator, Monarch Joint Venture
– Sydney Mucha, Conservation Planning Manager, Wildlife Habitat Council
– Hannah Stout, Conservation Entomologist, Penn State University