GSN Webinars // The Water Series / Benefits of Mineral Hot Spring Waters

Recorded on October 12, 2021

GSN Planet is excited to partner with the Balneology Association of North America (BANA) to share this educational webinar series on the art, culture and science of mineral water for health and wellness.

Part 2 // Benefits of Mineral Hot Springs Waters

The Waters of the human body require minerals to regulate our metabolism, hormones, enzymes and general health. Research has demonstrated that natural mineral waters refresh oxygen levels within the body, revitalize the skin, calm the nerves, and is beneficial to the functioning of certain body systems.


Dr. Jonathan Paul de Vierville
Director of Spa Cultures
Board Vice President, Balneology Association of North America

Dr. Marcus Coplin 
Director of Water Medicine
Board Treasurer, Secretary, Balneology Association of North America