Grayce Webinars | Sustainable Futures: Building Super-Resilient Organisations with a Human Approach

Disruption readiness advisor, Ade McCormack, joined us in conversation with our CEO, Geoff Smith and Grayce Sustainability Lead, Abdi Ismail Ismail to explore the future of our working world.

From how we arrived at the traditional business model, to embracing chaos, and operating more like a living organism, Ade skyrockets us towards a more sustainable future.

Digital and now biological disruption has shown that the traditional business model is no longer fit for purpose. The beloved factory model, for all its economic benefits, is bad for people, society and the planet. Ade explores what needs to change and how. You will meet the super-resilient organisation and how it is uniquely equipped to play the infinite game. You will discover that we are already wired to thrive in what is increasingly an unknowable future. The future can be bright for people and the planet, but it requires us to be genuinely human.

Ade McCormack is a former technologist who today is focused on helping organisations and societies thrive in the digital age. He has worked in around forty countries across many sectors. He has lectured at MIT Sloan School of Management on digital leadership and currently works with Cambridge University on their executive education programmes. Ade is a former FT columnist and has written six books on digital matters.


Grayce was founded in 2012 with a belief in the value that emerging talent can bring to businesses. We aim to be the best fast-track developer of top graduate talent, enabling improved diversity of thought and delivery in digital transformation and change. 

Grayce works with organisations nationwide to help them  build sustainable talent pipelines in change and transformation, data analysis and tech.  We are on a mission to help organisations harness the power of emerging top graduate talent. We give our people a platform to realise their potential, focusing on continuous learning,  building capability  and living our values  so we can continue to develop the leaders of the future.


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