GE Academy Webinars’ Series: Gender in Research and Innovation

This webinar is part of the GE Academy capacity building program. program. It aims at informing attendees about ERA priorities on gender equality and related facts and figures. In addition, it sensitises on how gender is relevant in the entire research and innovation cycle as well as in innovation policies, presenting relevant studies and projects carried out in two Universities.

Opening & Closing remarks:
Vasia Madesi, ViLabs & Natasha Sega, Smart Venice & Lut Mergaert, Yellow Window

– Maria Sangiuliano, Smart Venice: “Gender Equality in Research: and Innovation?”

– Paula Wennberg: Lulea University: “Gender Smart Arena – Creating Value for Academia,
Business and Society”

– Anne Laure Humbert and Simonetta Manfredi, Oxford
Brookes University: “Women and Innovation: the case of University spinout companies”

For further information contact us at info@ge-academy.eu or visit the website: https://ge-academy.eu/webinars/

GE Academy has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 824585