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International Webinar-1 (15/8/20)

Corporate Communication & Soft Skills

International Webinar-2 (18/8/20)

Sales Multiplier-Anyone Can Sell

International Webinar-3 (21/8/20)

Mental Health & Corporate Culture

International Webinar-4 (24/8/20)

Leadership for All

International Webinar-5 (27/8/20)

Decision Making & Execution

International Webinar-6 (30/8/20)

Professional Identity

International Webinar-7 (2/9/20)


International Webinar-8 (5/9/20)

Organizational Leadership

International Webinar-9 (8/9/20)

Performance Management

International Webinar-10 (11/9/20)

Personality Development

International Webinar-11 (14/9/20)

Effective Influence For Greater Success

International Webinar-12 (17/9/20)

Mind Management

International Webinar-13 (20/9/20)

Team Development

International Webinar-14 (24/9/20)

Understanding Human Behaviour

International Webinar-15 (27/9/20)

Personal Branding Through LinkedIn

International Webinar-16 (30/9/20)

Habits For Success

International Webinar-17 (3/10/20)

Work Life Balance

International Webinar-18 (6/10/20)

Unlock Your Potential

International Webinar-19 (9/10/20)

Leadership & Success

International Webinar-20 (12/10/20)

Setting Goals & Getting Them

International Webinar-21 (15/10/20)

Building A Successful Business

International Webinar-22 (18/10/20)

Creative Mind shift

International Webinar-23 (21/10/20)

Time & Task Management

International Webinar-24 (24/10/20)

5 Invaluable Laws of Growth

International Webinar-26 (30/10/20)

Millennial Leadership

International Webinar-27 (2/11/20)

Purpose Vision & Goals for Leaders

International Webinar-28 (5/11/20)

Business Automation

International Webinar-29 (8/11/20)

Emotional Intelligence

International Webinar-30 (11/11/20)

Mindset For Success

International Webinar-31 (14/11/20)

Self-Love Revolution

International Webinar-32 (17/11/20)

Realize Your Dream

International Webinar-34 (23/11/20)

Business Performance Culture

International Webinar-35 (26/11/20)

Peak Performance

International Webinar-36 (29/11/20)

Post Traumatic Growth

International Webinar-37 (2/12/20)

Maximize Your Potential

International Webinar-38 (5/12/20)

Job Hunting Strategies

International Webinar-39 (8/12/20)

Battling Distraction during Crisis

International Webinar-41 (14/12/20)

Underneath The Music

International Webinar-42 (17/12/20)

Stress Management

International Webinar-25


International Webinar-33


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