Every question gets answered in an evergreen webinar, unlike live webinars: Kevin Andrews, BombBomb

[Transcript] People don’t expect you to be there 24 7. That’s just unrealistic. But you have to be honest with them. I always say that, right? Please do not lie to them.

People are super smart. Do not say it’s live when it’s not. But there is an element of it that is live right. The interactions are real-time and the chat is being monitored. Even if you don’t respond immediately, they get an email response and that’s really all people care about is, am I heard?

And is the question that I’m asked going to be answered and not to mention, like in a live one. Especially if there’s a lot of people, it is virtually impossible to answer every question, especially when it ends, it ends like you can’t go and look, look up that person. Like you’d have to be really intentional about it, but having to host it and manage the chat and then be able to answer everything before everyone jumps off as is virtually an impossible.

Oh, for sure. I mean, that’s a hurdle we deal with with the live webinars that we still have chosen to do when you got a couple of thousand people on a webinar. And I even typically will host it with another person at our company. We’ve got a national speaker. Who’s wonderful, Alicia. And so her and I have a really good rapport and we have people manning our Q&A and our chat and helping us with that.

We still can not answer every question. So it’s, that is a really good point to know that if there’s a question to ask in these eWebinars, it will get answered. I promise it may not be right that second, but within the next day you will get it. So that’s a big.