Episode 3 -Building YOUR Business Through Webinars – TAR – LUMALLIE – VP Team Training

This week we discuss the importance of webinars and how to use them to build your business. Learn scripts to invite contacts to the webinars and how the webinar can be used to leverage your conversion rate.

NOTE: During the presentation I kept saying “do you know anyone buying or selling”, you should always say “WHO DO YOU KNOW” as it is more powerful and immediately has them think of people instead of a standard “no” response. This is a bad habit I am still working to correct.

Steve’s Webinar Link:  👉https://calendly.com/vp-topagentreferral/top-agent-referral-introduction
CST = Mon. 9:30am  | Tues. 6:30pm  |  Thur. 2:30pm  |  Sat. 9:30am

Luke’s Webinar Link:  👉www.calendly.com/ljm/topagentreferral
CST = Mon. 11am  | Wed. 11am  |  Fri. 11am  |  Sat. 11am