EGU WEBINARS – Ocean Plastics

Marine plastic pollution is a growing crisis, threatening the health of marine environments and wildlife, and promising to reshape how humans interact with the ocean. In this Webinar, EGU’s Committee Programmes Coordinator Simon Clark interviews Dr. Delphine Lobelle, Physical Oceanographer at the University of Utrecht. The webinar highlights how much plastic is entering the ocean and where it ends up. It also explores what’s in store for the future of ocean health… and just how much should we care about plastic straws.

Delphine Lobelle is a physical oceanographer and post-doctoral researcher at Utrecht University (The Netherlands). She works in a team funded by the European Research Council: Tracking of Plastic In Our Seas (TOPIOS), which aims to estimate the distribution of ocean plastic in different reservoirs (e.g. the ocean floor, the beaches, the water column). Delphine specifically investigates the modelled effects of biological growth on the global 3D transport of microplastic in the oceans. She is also working half-time on a material flow analysis of plastic waste in The Netherlands to estimate the amount of plastic that ends up in the environment. Delphine is the co-organiser of Ocean Plastic Webinars (live monthly online research talks), and is always interested in getting involved in public engagement and science communication events.

00:00 – Introduction
01:25 – Meet Delphine Lobelle
06:10 – What is oceanography?
10:10 – How much plastic is in the ocean?
13:46 – Have we missed any plastic?
15:35 – What are the sources of pollution?
20:00 – Are plastic straws a problem?
24:21 – How small are marine plastics?
30:03 – Is the type of plastic important?
32:37 – Where does the plastic end up?
39:05 – What does the future of plastic pollution look like?
42:30 – What’s the take-home message?
44:53 – Audience Q&A

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