EGU WEBINARS – Meet the Science-Artists of the EGU General Assembly.

This year’s virtual EGU General Assembly (vEGU21) featured the creations of four talented science-artists who’s work was inspired by the research of the assembly attendees. Their art encompassed creative writing, lego photography, digital art, and portraiture which were shared on social media, EGU blogs, and the official meeting newsletter, EGU Today. In this webinar the vEGU21 science-artists present the work they made during the General Assembly, discuss the creative process, and talk about how they brought together the worlds of science and art. If you’re interested in communicating science through art, want to know more about how to get involved in science-art yourself, or want to admire the creative work of the vEGU21 artists, this webinar is for you!

Andy Emery – vEGU21 Artist (not!) in Residence, creative writer
Kelly Stanford – vEGU21 Artist (not!) in Residence, General Assembly Art and Science EOS session convener, science communicator
Priyanka Das Rajkakati – vEGU21 Artist (not!) in Residence, digital artist
Stacy Phillips – vEGU21 Artist (not!) in Residence, Lego photographer

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