EGU WEBINARS – All about Open Access: from abstracts to preprints!

This interview-style webinar will aim to answer a number of key questions that scientists often have about open access and open science. It features Ulrich Pöschl, initiator and co-chair of the international open access initiative OA2020, founder and Editor-in-Chief of the EGU’s open access journal Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics, and former Chair and current member of the EGU’s Publications Committee, in conversation with EGU’s Policy Officer, Chloe Hill.

Questions addressed in this video:

0:00 Introduction
2:23 What is open science, how does it differ from open access and what is a DOI?
7:35 What sparked your interest in open access?
13:30 What is EGUsphere and how does it work?
18:05 Is there a risk to publishing open access or publishing data before it has been fully peer-reviewed?
24:26 Can scientists still publish open access if they are working with confidential data?
28:32 How can we filter the content in EGUsphere to reduce disinformation without censoring ideas that may generate controversies?
38:50 How have OA2020 and Plan S changed the open access landscape in Europe?

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